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Ticket Split / Ticket Duplicate

The ticket split function allows an agent to take a reply and split it into a new ticket.  This is helpful when a customer starts to commingle topics inside of a ticket.  You can also duplicate the original ticket post which is helpful when an opening post has multiple questions and you prefer to handle each question on a separate ticket.

Split a reply into a new ticket

  1. Hover over the reply and place your mouse on the upper right side of the reply (where the age of the reply is displayed)
  2. You will see a set of links show up – one of those links is Create New Ticket.  Click on it.
  3. The new ticket will be created and a note added to the bottom of the reply and the new ticket indicating that the data was split.


Duplicate the opening ticket post

To copy the opening ticket post to a new ticket just click the Create New Ticket button that shows up.  That’s it.  The new ticket and the existing ticket will have a notation made about the split (see image above for an example of that notation).

Note: You aren’t allowed to edit the new ticket contents – all edits and clarifications will have to still take place in the replies.

The ticket split / ticket copy feature is only available in version 2.0.0 and later of the Productivity Powerpack add-on.


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