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Quickly Respond To A Ticket With An FAQ Link

An agent can easily insert an FAQ link into a ticket – complete with a nicely formatted reply around the FAQ link.  This takes just a couple of clicks and can save an agent a lot of time.

When the FAQ add-on is installed it creates a select drop-down of all FAQs along with a search box in the reply area of the ticket.  To quickly find and insert an FAQ link into the ticket reply:

  • Click on the Quick FAQ Links select drop-down
  • Scroll down the list and click on the one you need
    • Alternatively type in the first three characters of a word that exists in the FAQ topic to narrow the list then select from the options that appear
  • The FAQ link will be inserted into the ticket along with a nicely worded/formatted message


Configure The Automatic Reply

When an FAQ link is selected to be inserted into a ticket reply, the entire reply looks something similar to this:

However, you can configure this message!

  • Go to the FAQs->Settings->General tab
  • Edit the template next to the item labeled Quick FAQ Links Template.
    • Use the {faq_link} template tag when you need the FAQ link inserted into your message/reply.
  • Click the Save Changes button.