Awesome Support Documentation

Automatic Ticket Close Concepts

The Awesome Support Automatic Ticket Close extension allows you to streamline your daily workflow by closing tickets that have not had a customer response after a certain time period.  It provides for the delivery of multiple warning messages before finally closing the ticket.  By automatically closing tickets it makes it easier for agents to focus on tickets that are being actively responded to by customers.

You can control which tickets are automatically closed based on their status and can send an unlimited number of warning emails before closing the ticket.  For example, if you have a ticket with a status of “Hold”, you might not want to close that automatically. But, if you have a ticket that is “In Progress”, that would be a good candidate to automatically close if you have not received a reply from the customer.

This Add-on also allows you to create some interesting mixed workflows.  For example you can set all “In Progress” tickets to automatically close after 7 days of inactivity.  But, you can set tickets that are “Pending Close” to close automatically after 24 hours.  In this way, if an agent believes that a ticket should be closed sooner, all they have to do is change the status to “Pending Close”.

Only tickets that are waiting for a reply from the customer are considered for automatic closing. If the ticket is waiting for a reply from a support agent it is not going to be automatically closed by this add-on.

Important Notes

1. Some statuses used in the examples above such as “Pending Close” assume that the custom status extension is also installed and activated.

2. The emails being sent do NOT use the HTML templates that were introduced in Awesome Support core version 3.3.3.