Awesome Support Documentation

Creating New Tickets Via Email

By default, the Email Support add-on will not create new tickets based on emails.  To do that, you have to explicitly turn this option on.  You can find the options for handling unknown emails in TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAIL PIPING.  Scroll down to the ADVANCED section and find the option for Unassigned Email Handling.

There are three options:

  1. Leave in Unassigned Folder:  Selecting this option will place all incoming emails that cannot be matched to an existing ticket in a folder called “Unassigned”.  You can see this folder on the left side of your screen under the TICKETS menu.
  2. Create New Ticket And User:  Selecting this option will take any email that cannot be matched to an existing ticket and attempt to create a new ticket.  If the email address is unrecognized it will also automatically create a new user account and send the user a link to set a password.
  3. Create new ticket if email address matches an existing user; otherwise leave in “Unassigned” folder:  This option will create new tickets only for email addresses that are already in your system.  Otherwise, emails will be placed in the “Unassigned” folder.
Please be aware of the security implications of choosing option #2.  With this option any spammer can automatically create a ticket and an account in your system!