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ADMIN: User Registration Options

Awesome Support has an extensive suite of options that control the behavior of user registrations.  To access these, go to the TICKETS->SETTINGS->REGISTRATION tab.

Allow Registrations:  This is self explanatory – it allows you to control if users can register themselves or if they will only be shown a login screen.

Who Should Receive New User Notifications: Control who gets the standard WordPress registration emails – admins, user, both or none.

User Name Construction:  This is a long list of options that give you control over how user names are created when a new user registers using the Awesome Support registration page.

Registration Field Descriptions:  Use this section to add a descriptive text under each registration field.

Replacing the Registration Screen

You can replace the registration screen with a custom screen.  If you are using a 3rd party registration screen you can tell Awesome Support about it in the TICKETS->SETTINGS->ADVANCED tab.  Look for the option titled Custom Login/Registration page.

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