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Upgrading Admin Report Widgets To Version 2.0 From Version 1.0

Version 2.0 of Admin Report Widgets includes a new set of options that need to be configured in order to view most of your reports in the WordPress admin dashboard.  This was done because the number of reports have doubled from version 1.0 and enabling them all by default would unnecessarily impact performance if you do not need them all.

So, when you install and activate this new version you will most likely wonder why all your previously configured widgets disappeared.  Fear not, they are still there – you just need to turn them on.

New Configuration Tabs

Just go to TICKETS->SETTINGS and you’ll see three new tabs:

  • Report Widgets #1
  • Report Widgets #2
  • Report Widgets #3

There are options to enable your widget reports under these tabs as well as many new options to configure the way they look.