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Email Support Advanced Topics

There are a few options in the TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAIL PIPING tab that allow you to fine-tune how emails are treated when they are imported.  These include:

Obviously those topics have been covered in prior sections.  Here we’ll cover the lesser used options:

User Name Construction

When a new user has to be created, a WordPress user name needs to be set.  By default the add-on will use the first part of the email address (the portion before the “@” character).  But you can choose to use the entire email address or, if provided, the full name as set in the email headers.  You can also use a random number or a GUID (for very very special use cases).

HTML Handling

Most email sent and received these days are formatted with HTML  Unfortunately, rendering this full HTML inside a web page that is already constructed of HTML is very problematic and can easily lead to all kinds of formatting problems.  By default we strip out ALL html markup which leaves the most important information behind.

However, the add-on has an experimental feature where you can choose to leave certain mark-up intact.  But this can also leave malicious javascript or strange CSS remnants.  In extreme cases the CSS or HTML mark-up left behind can render the ticket unusable because it dramatically changes the normal Awesome Support admin screens.

For 99% of our users we strongly recommend that the default strip all tags be left active.

If you want to experiment with leaving certain tags intact you can simply enter them into the text box provided.  The format is very strict – see the documentation on for more information on what is allowed in this box.

Character Set Conversion

In rare cases the character set used in most of the emails you receive might be different from that set in the WordPress server or the MYSQL server.  By default almost everything assumes utf8 or ascii.  But if you need something else you can enter it in this section.

Duplicate Handling

If you’re being bombarded by the same email over and over again because of SPAM or because you might have inadvertently configured an infinite loop then you can turn this option on to ignore emails that appear to have duplicate content.  This is an experimental feature so we recommend that you leave it off most of the time unless absolutely necessary.