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Creating A New Triggered Ticket

To create a new triggered ticket:

  • Go to TRIGGERED TICKETS and click the NEW TRIGGERED TICKET button at the top of the list
  • Enter a name and a description
  • In the EVENT SETTINGS, select either WooCommerce or AutomateWoo for the Event Group
  • In Event Settings, choose the Event  – for both WooCommerce and AutomateWoo there will be only one option.
  • In the ACTION SETTINGS, select your desired action
  • In the Action area, the fields will vary depending on the action you chose.
  • Click the PUBLISH button on the upper right side.

Event Settings

Here are screen shots of the event settings for each Event GROUP and TYPE:



For AutomateWoo, you will need the AutomateWoo Workflow ID – learn more about that here: Using AutomateWoo With Triggered Tickets.

Action Settings

Create New Ticket From Ticket Template

Create New Reply From Ticket Template

Close Ticket

Create New Ticket

Create New Reply