Awesome Support Documentation

Introduction To Pins

The Awesome Support: PINS add-on implements an additional layer of security around your users support accounts.  It is particularly useful when you do not have a way of guaranteeing that the person you’re communicating with is someone who has access to the support account.  For example, if you accept inbound phone calls or chats or even general emails, you cannot be sure that the person you’re communicating with is indeed an authorized user of the support account.

The PINS add-on allows you to request a 4 digit personal identification number that is only available when the user logs into the support account.

Once the user has provided this number, your agent can verify it by going to a special verification screen – the agent does not need access to the user’s WordPress User Profile screen.

Users can change their PINS on the front-end and admins can quickly invalidate pins and regenerate new ones for all users.