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Create a Ruleset

Rules are defined in RULESETs.  The RULESET definitions are stored under their own menu instead of under the usual TICKETS menu.

To create a new ruleset go to AS RULESET->ADD NEW RULESET.  A screen similar to the following will appear:

There are three major parts to this screen.

  • Triggers
  • Conditions & Filters
  • Actions


The first thing you should do is select a trigger.  For example, if you want to perform an action on all new tickets you can select the NEW TICKET trigger.

Conditions & Filters

You can perform an action on all tickets / replies; or you can constrain the action to only those tickets/replies that meet certain conditions.  If you would like to constrain an action to only those tickets that meet particular criteria you can do so in this section.

The conditions section consist of three columns:

  • The first column is the boolean operator and is generally set to “AND”.
  • The second column is a text column that describes the filter
  • The third column is the value of the filter or condition that should be met in order for the action to be performed.
    • In some cases the third column is an operator that specifies an additional operation that must be performed on the filter value.  For example if the filter is a text field then the operator in the third column might some something like “Equals” or “Starts”.
    • In other cases the third column might also contain a qualifier – for example when having to work with agent attributes.


In this section you can select the action that should be performed when the trigger and filter / conditions are met.  Some actions are pretty straight-forward such as changing status and state or adding a private note to a ticket.  Other actions require additional configuration – these will be covered in other sections of this admin guide (including configuring EMAIL and ZAPIER actions.)

Saving Your Ruleset

After you have selected your trigger, conditions & filters and your action(s), simply scroll back up to the top of the screen and click the SAVE button on the right hand side.  Don’t forget to give your ruleset a name (title) before saving!