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Post Installation – What You Need To Know (Quick Start)

After installation, the key questions you’re probably asking are:

  1. Where do my user submit their tickets?
  2. Where do my agents manage their tickets?


In order for users to submit their ticket you first need to add the submit ticket page to your menu.  The SUBMIT TICKET page is automatically installed for you – the actual URL depends on your permalinks settings.

To have it show up on the front end of your site, you still need to add it to your menus.   Normally, the configuration wizard would have added this to one of your menus.  But, if that wizard was not completed, you should add the page to at least one of your visible menus now.

To do this, All you need to do is go to your WordPress APPEARANCE->MENU screen and drag the SUBMIT TICKET page to one of your site menus.

Existing Users

If you are installing the plugin into an existing site where users are already created you might need to update their security in order to allow them access to the ticket system.  There are two ways to do this:

  1. Update their ROLE in their user profile to be the SUPPORT USER role.  This is the easiest way to get existing users authorization to use the ticket system.  But sometimes this might not be possible.  For example if you have hundreds of users or their existing role is required for other plugins (such as WooCommerce) to function then you will need to use the 2nd option below.
  2. Update the existing role to add the proper WordPress security capabilities for Awesome Support ticket users. This is a slightly more complex process but still easily doable with the help of a plugin from


Agents access tickets on the back end via wp-admin. By default only the Admin is set up as an agent.  You will have to add other users as agents (see documentation below).  Support Tickets are accessed under the TICKETS->ALL TICKETS menu option.

Overview Video

An installation and overview video can be found on our videos page:

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