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Agent Functions: Track Time Spent On A Ticket (Basic)

If the admin has turned on basic time tracking then a new metabox will show up on the right hand side of the ticket.  It will look similar to the following:

Simply enter the Gross Time spent on the ticket (in the hh:mm:ss format), any notes and click the UPDATE TICKET button.

You can update the Gross Time field anytime you want – eg: after every reply you make.

Time Adjustments

The Time Adjustments field is useful it you want to track any credits for time you’ve given your customer.  So, for example you might spend an hour on a ticket but a customer might dispute that so you or a supervisor might decide to reduce the time billed or recorded by 15 mins. You can enter this adjustment in this field and then select whether the adjustment is positive or negative.  Generally, most adjustments are negative (downwards).

Read Only / View Only Operations

If time tracking is being done by a premium add-on, then this enter metabox might be read-only because time is being recorded and adjusted using a different mechanism.  If that’s the case then there will be a notice shown on the metabox – see example in the image below.

Note: Time Tracking is only available in version 3.6 or later of Awesome Support


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