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Polylang: Introduction

Polylang and Polylang Pro are plugins that help you translate WordPress themes and WordPress plugins.  In particular it assists in offering translations for post and taxonomy content and then allowing your end user to dynamically switch between language versions using a language switcher widget.

Unlike WPML, Polylang does not allow you to easily translate the embedded strings in a plugin or theme.  You must first use another tool to translate the strings and then import them into Polylang.

Because of these edge cases and advanced POLYLANG functions, we do not officially offer support for POLYLANG.

However, we have written an extensive guide to help get you up and running with it!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read this entire POLYLANG section in the menu order provided.  Skipping an item might cause you to overlook something small but key to making things work!
  1. Polylang: Introduction (this page)
  2. Polylang: Prepare plugin translation strings
  3. Polylang: Installation and configuration
  4. Polylang: Setup Awesome Support
  5. Polylang: Translate Awesome Support pages
  6. Polylang: Translate Awesome Support page contents
  7. Polylang: Translating Awesome Support taxonomies
  8. Polylang: Translating the admin panel

Please do NOT contact our support group for assistance with POLYLANG. Instead, we recommend you contact POLYLANG directly.