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ADMIN: Handling Existing Users After Installation

Normally, when a user registers through the plugin, he/she is given the role Support UserThis role has special capabilities.

However, if you are installing into a WordPress system that already have users who are registered then these users will already have a role assigned – a role that will not have these special ticket capabilities.

These users are likely to get the error message “You do not have the capacity to open a new ticket” whenever they try to submit a ticket.

Here you have two choices:

  1. Change all your users’ role to Support User
  2. Give the role you want to use (eg. Subscriber) the special capabilities

If you have a lot of users or if your existing role already have capabilities that other functions depend on (such as e-commerce or membership functions) , you will usually want to choose the second option.  If you don’t know how to add new capabilities to a role, we suggest you use a plugin like User Role Manager and give the desired role the following capabilities:

  • view_ticket
  • create_ticket
  • close_ticket
  • reply_ticket
  • attach_files

Do not give your users more than those 5 capabilities, otherwise they could get administrative privileges.

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