Awesome Support Documentation

Overview (Reports and Statistics)

The Reports and Statistics add-on provides six basic reports from which hundreds of other reports can be created and saved.  By using the extensive filtering options along with the ability to break-down any report by a “second dimension” you can easily creating unique actionable reports that give you insights into your support operations.

Each report includes at least one chart along with a table of corresponding data.  Additionally, you can choose the type of chart – most reports work well with column charts though, with a second dimension enabled some reports can used stacked charts as well.

The Foundation Reports

The six basic reports that form the foundation of this add-on are:

  • Ticket counts: Counts of tickets by status
  • Productivity Analysis: Shows the average number of replies needed to close a ticket.  Also shows the maximum and median.
  • Resolution Analysis: Displays the average and median time in minutes it takes to close a ticket
  • Delay Analysis: Displays the average time it takes to send the first reply to a ticket and the average time it takes for all replies.
  • Distribution Analysis: Shows the number of tickets that contains 1, 2, 3,…n number of replies.
  • Trend Analysis: Displays the number of tickets opened/closed in the last 7 days, 7 weeks and 7 months.

Saving and Sharing Reports

Reports and can be created, saved and shared with other agents.  Admins have control over which WordPress roles can create, save and delete reports.  Admins or agents who create reports can also designate which roles can view those reports.