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Personalizing Satisfaction Survey


When the Satisfaction Survey add-on is activated, it is ready to go.  Its default configuration allow you to get started right away – it will:

  • Send out a survey to customers 24 hours after a ticket has been closed
  • Automatically delete the results of any survey if the ticket is re-opened
  • Display a rating column on the Tickets List page
  • Give the customer only two choices – “Bad” and “Good”
  • Provide 5 reasons for the customers to choose from if they stated that their experience was “Bad”.

Accessing Configuration Options

You can access the configuration page by going to Tickets->Settings and clicking on the Satisfaction Survey tab.

What The Options Mean

Configuration options are divided into seven sections

  • Survey Behavior
  • Miscellaneous (General)
  • Slugs
  • Rating Scale
  • Unsatisfied Reasons
  • Email Template
  • Thank You Message

In the next part of this documentation we will cover each item in each section.