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Troubleshooting (Guest Tickets)

Entering Guest Email Address Does “nothing”

There are a couple of reasons this could happen:

1. The caching solution used on your site is caching pages for logged-in users

If a cache is enabled for logged in users then changed pages will not show up properly.  This means that the guest user will not see the submit-ticket page when it is changed.  Please contact your host and ask them to update the cache configuration to make sure that when users are logged in no pages are cached.

2. Strict Transport Security is not configured properly

Check your browser console to see if the following message (or similar) appears:  Strict-Transport-Security: The site specified a header that could not be parsed successfully.  You might also see a reference to submit-ticket and admin-ajax.php.

If this message (or similar) appears it means that your servers HSTS configuration is getting in the way and preventing our Javascript from running properly.  Please contact your server admin or hosting provider for a fix or work-around.

More information about HSTS can be found here: