Awesome Support Documentation

Smart Agent Assignment Concepts

This Add-on for Awesome Support allows tickets to be assigned (“routed”) automatically to agents based on pre-defined multi-step algorithms.  It is useful when you have more than one of any combination of the following:

  • Agents
  • Departments
  • Products

There are 5 pre-built algorithms to choose from.  When a ticket is submitted by a customer the selected algorithm evaluates the ticket and assigns an agent based on the algorithm rules.

Select an algorithm by going to Tickets->Settings->Smart Assignment.  A description of each algorithm is shown as it is selected.

Additionally, in the same screen, you can select which agent roles participate in your selected algorithm.  This prevents Admins, for example, from being included in automatic assignment if that is not part of your workflow.

Configuring Smart Agent

In order to get Smart Agent to work properly, a lot of pieces need to be in place.  Here is a summary of what’s usually needed:

  1. The ticket has a department or product on it at the time the ticket is submitted.
  2. You have selected one of the department or product focused algorithms in TICKETS->SETTINGS->SMART ASSIGNMENT
  3. You have selected one or more agent roles to participate in smart assignment in TICKETS->SETTINGS->SMART ASSIGNMENT
  4. Agents have been assigned to one or more departments in their WordPress USER PROFILE
  5. Agents have been allowed to be assigned tickets by having their “Can Be Assigned” flag turned on in their WordPress User Profile
  6. Agents have been assigned working hours in their WordPress USER PROFILE  (for testing best to start with setting all days to 24×7 hours)