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Reference: Email Template Tags

You can find a list of email template tags in the HELP area at the top of page when viewing emails under the TICKETS->SETTINGS->E-MAILS Tab.  Here is a list of those template tags at the time this document was created:

{ticket_id} Converts into ticket ID
{site_name} Converts into website name
{agent_name} Converts into agent name
{agent_email} Converts into agent e-mail address
{client_name} Converts into client name
{client_email} Converts into client e-mail address
{ticket_title} Converts into current ticket title
{ticket_link} Displays a link to the ticket
{ticket_url} Displays the URL only (not a link) to the ticket
{ticket_admin_link} Displays a link to ticket details in admin (for agents)
{ticket_admin_url} Displays the URL only (not a link link) to ticket details in admin (for agents)
{date} Converts into current date
{admin_email} Converts into WordPress admin e-mail (currently:
{message} Converts into ticket content or reply content
{ticket_status} Ticket Status