Awesome Support Documentation

Managing Your Widgets and Understanding The Data

You can easily remove unwanted widgets from your Admin dashboard:

  • Click the Screen Options  link located close to the the top right side of the Admin dashboard.  This will reveal a full list of all widgets.
  • Click/Check to turn on/off the checkbox corresponding to the widget you would like to remove.  Note that this only hides the widget – it still consumes CPU cycles when you access the dashboard.  Use the TICKETS->SETTINGS->REPORT WIDGETS tab to permanently turn off report a widget you are not using.

A Note About The Data

For versions 3.3.4 and prior of Awesome Support, the CLOSE DATE of the ticket will be inaccurate – it will use the last activity date as the close date since version 3.3.4 and prior did not have a separate field that held the close date of the ticket.  This means that the counts for closed tickets might show up on the wrong bucket – “last month” instead of “last week” for instance.

A fix for this is present in Version 4.0.0 of the free Awesome Support Core plugin.