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Suppress New User Emails

A WordPress account is automatically created for each guest user.  Generally, this means that a new user email with password reset instructions are automatically sent to the user.  This can be confusing (not to mention that the WordPress default emails are ugly).  There is a way to prevent this email from being sent.  However, it requires the ability to edit your wp-config.php file.  If you know what that is and you have the ability to edit it then simply add the following line:


It must be added somewhere above the line that says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

There are some important ramifications to enabling this option.

  1. The option affects ALL new user emails.  This means that regular users who register on the site will not receive a confirmation email.
  2. The way WordPress works you can only have ONE plugin that overrides the new user email confirmations.  Therefore if you have another plugin that also tries to do this, only one of them will work and you have no way of controlling which one it will be!

Requires: Version 1.0.2 or later of the Guest Tickets add-on.