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Troubleshooting (Private Credentials)

Private Credentials Metabox Does Not Show Up On Ticket In Support Agent Screen

If you do not see the Private Credentials metabox on the backend ticket details page, click `Screen Options` in the upper right-hand corner of the ticket details page, then make sure `Private Credentials` is checked.

All Private Credentials Are Suddenly Garbled

This occurs if you change the master encryption key in your wp-config.php file.  Once you set your key, changing it will change the key used to decrypt existing credentials as well – resulting in garbled output.  If you wish to change your master key you should delete the credentials from all open tickets and ask your customers to re-add them to the ticket(s).

Some Passwords Are Being “Cut-Off”

Passwords with double-quotes are not allowed right now.  Everything after the “double quotes” will be removed.  We hope to get this resolved in a future version.