Awesome Support Documentation

Overview (Notifications)

The Notifications Add-on provides support for third party notifications.  The free Awesome Support Core plugin automatically notifies agents and clients whenever tickets are created and replies are sent or received.  Those notifications are done via email.  The Notification Add-on permits the admin to set up notifications to users who are NOT clients or agents as well as set up additional INSTANT notification channels – Slack in particular.  Additionally, it allows you to set up notifications for status changes – for example notifications can be sent to a manager when a ticket is escalated to a higher priority or put on hold.

3rd parties and notifications to slack can capture the following events:

  • New Ticket
  • New Reply From Agent
  • New Reply From Client
  • Ticket Closed
  • Ticket Re-opened

In addition, status changes can be captured.  So a ticket that changes from, say “New” to “In Progress” can have a notification sent out via email and slack.