Awesome Support Documentation

Pre-Built Email Templates

Note: this document refers to a feature that will be available in the future in Awesome Support V 5.2.

Awesome Support 5.2.0 will ship with 6 pre-configured sets of EMAIL TEMPLATES.  Of those four, three will be new.

However, you can download and install these today.  Get them here.

Once downloaded you will have to manually copy the contents of each file to the email template fields in TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAILS.

If you would like a more automated way of installing them, you can download a pre-release version of Awesome Support 5.2.0.

Once installed, you can follow these instructions to switch out your email templates with just a few clicks.

Email Template Sets

Each email template set contains at least six files ending in HTML.

Each file correspond to one of the core EMAIL TEMPLATES in TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAILS

The six files are:

  • New-Ticket-Confirmation-Going-To-End-User.html – goes in the Submission Confirmation editor
  • New-Ticket-Assigned-To-Agent.html – goes in the New Assignment editor
  • New-Reply-From-Client-Going-To-Agent.html – goes in the New Reply from Client editor
  • Agent-Reply-Going-To-End-User.html – goes in the New Reply From Agent editor
  • Ticket-Closed-By-Client.html – goes in the Ticket Closed by Client editor
  • Ticket-Closed-By-Agent.html – goes in the Ticket Closed by Agent editor

Each template set is located in its own folder:

  • blue-block
  • blue-block-with-satisfaction-surveys
  • default
  • elegant
  • elegant-with-satisfaction-surveys
  • simple

Manual Installation of an Email Template Set

To install a template set, simply open the files in the temple-set folder with a text editor and copy its contents to the TEXT tab of each corresponding editor in TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAILS.

For example, open the file New-Ticket-Confirmation-Going-To-End-User.html located under the blue-block folder (open it in a text editor like notepad).  Copy and paste its contents in the SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION field in TICKETS->SETTINGS->EMAILS.  Note: Make sure you paste it in the TEXT tab of the editor!