Awesome Support Documentation

Installation (Client Tickets)


The installation of Client Tickets involves a bit of a different process than your standard Awesome Support add-on.  The primary difference is that the main installation is done on your CUSTOMER’s server and not on the server that is running your Awesome Support instance.

Prerequisites For Your Customer’s WordPress Server

Before you attempt to install the the CLIENT TICKETS add-on please make sure that your Customer’s system meets the following conditions:

  • WordPress Version 4.4 or later
  • PHP 5.6 or later

Installation Steps

Here is what you need to do to install the main plugin on your Customer’s server:

  • Download the file to your desktop from the links provided in your purchase receipt or from your Account screen
  • In your Customer’s WordPress Admin dashboard select Plugins->Add new
  • You should now see a screen with the list of plugins that are installed on your system.  At the top left is a button labeled Upload Plugin. Click on it.
  • You should see a dialog box asking for the plugin file.  Navigate to your desktop and choose the file you downloaded in the first step of this procedure then click the Open button at the bottom of the dialog box
  • You should now be back in the main Add plugin screen with the filename filled out.  Just click the Install Now button.
  • If all goes well you will see a new screen with a link that says Activate Plugin.  Click on it.  That will complete the plugin installation process.


If you get a “directory already exists” error message, you will need to use FTP to upload the updated plugin to the folder that already exists.  Check with your hosting provider for instructions on how to use FTP to upload files.  Please make sure you “unzip” the plugin files before uploading them via FTP

Configure Your Awesome Support Server

On your WordPress server, Awesome Support 5.8.0 or later should be installed already.  However, you need to enable the REST API.  To do this:

  • Turn on the checkbox next to the Enable REST API option
  • Click the SAVE CHANGES button

Optional:  Install The Client Tickets Configuration Plugin on Your Server

The client tickets configuration plugin allow you to push some additional customization options over to your customer’s server without having to connect directly to their server. You can learn more about this on the Advanced Client Tickets Configuration page.