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Ticket Merge (Multiple Tickets)

Merging multiple tickets into a single existing ticket is a piece cake – as long as you’re running under WordPress 4.7 or later.  The entire process is initiated from the main ticket list screen in the WordPress Admin dashboard.

Merge Multiple Tickets Into A Single Ticket

  • Open the main tickets dashboard (TICKETS->ALL TICKETS)
  • Check the tickets you want to merge
  • Click the BULK ACTIONS drop-down at the top of the ticket list
  • Select Merge Tickets and click the APPLY button next to the drop-down (see image below)

  • In the popup window search for the target ticket and click on it

  • Click the MERGE button
  • Once the process has been completed, click the CLOSE button

Important Notes About This Process

  1. This is a processor intensive process – if your host gives you limited resources you could experience time-outs.
  2. Attachments are not merged into the new tickets.  However, links in the new ticket give you direct and convenient access to the old tickets where you can view the attachments
  3. All email addresses on the closed tickets are automatically added to the target ticket:
  • Agents
  • Secondary and Tertiary agents
  • Ticket creator
  • Third party 1 & 2
  • Emails from the email address tab
  • Users from the WordPress users tab


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