Awesome Support Documentation


The Productivity Add-on For the Awesome Support Help-desk WordPress plugin contains a number of functions to help agents and administrators be more efficient when handling tickets daily.  The add-on includes the following functions:

  • Ticket Lock: Prevents users from re-opening a ticket that has been marked has been locked.
  • Ticket Merge: Merge the current ticket into an existing ticket
  • New Navigation Options: Add NEXT and PREVIOUS links to the ticket metaboxes
  • Attachments:  Allow emails notifications and alerts to contain attachments
  • Template tags: Includes new template tags for custom fields – you can now include custom field data in the body of your email notifications!
  • Private support notes for agents
  • Shared customer support notes
  • Personal todo lists for agents
  • Custom labels for certain fields
  • Agent signatures
  • Registration form Captcha
  • Save ticket list filters
  • much more…over 50+ new functions are added to the free core Awesome Support WordPress Helpdesk plugin!


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