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Overview (Advanced Time Tracking)

The advanced time tracking add-on permits time to be tracked automatically, manually or a blend both – and to do so at a very granular level.  It uses the built-in time fields in the time-tracking metabox in the free core Awesome Support plug-in and automatically turns off the manual data entry option – using, instead the options provided by this add-on.

Tracking Time

There are three ways to track time:

  • Automatic Time – the timer starts automatically every time a ticket is opened and is stopped when a reply is posted.
  • Manual Time – the agent adds a time entry for the reply before posting a reply
  • Mixed – the agent can manually turn on the timer for each reply or manually enter the time before posting a reply

Additionally, admins can enter time manually for any agent using the master time-log screen.

Time can be tracked and recorded at two levels:

  • Reply
  • Ticket


The following reports are provided:

  • Time spent by agent
  • Time spent by client
  • Time spent by ticket
  • Pre-invoicing report (dollar amount to be billed to each client)

Billing and Invoicing

  • A billing rate can be set at three different levels – the agent, the client and the ticket.  The rate set at the agent level is the default rate unless overridden by a client rate or ticket rate.
  • An invoicing file can be downloaded with the charges for each client – one line per client



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