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Getting Started (Advanced Time Tracking)

Once the add-on has been installed, the first thing you will want to do is decide how to track the time spent by your agents on tickets.  You have quite a few choices in the settings area.

Automatic Timer or Manual Timer?  Or Both?

    • Note: the TIME TRACKING tab is different from the BASIC TIME TRACKING tab.
  • Choose your TIMER TYPE
    • Automatic: Does not permit the agent to enter time manually.  The timer starts when the ticket is opened in wp-admin and stops when a reply is posted.  If no reply is posted the time does not record an entry.
    • Manual: The agent has two choices when replying to a ticket.
      • Start the timer manually
      • Enter the time spent on the reply before hitting the reply button.

The timer itself is a very simple countdown in a metabox on the right side of the ticket screen.  In manual mode it looks something like this:

Notice that in manual mode the timer has a stop button. In automatic mode there is no stop button and the agent will have no control over the timer.

Additionally, the box shows the current “rounding” level – this is the minimum amount of time that will be billed regardless of the actual time that the agent spent on a reply.

Time Tracking Granularity

You will have to decide whether to force all time recorded to be associated with a ticket reply or whether you will allow your agents to just record time at the ticket level.

Recording time at the ticket level allows you to separate the contents of the reply from the contents of the time log entry.  Bu it also requires a couple of additional mouse clicks every time an agent enters a reply.

If you do decide to allow time tracking at the ticket level, then you choose to make that the default (or not).

Finally, you can also choose to allow more than one time entry per ticket reply.  Most times, an agent replies to a ticket and that closes out the block of time for that reply.  But in some operations an agent might work multiple time blocks for the same reply.  In this case you might want to allow multiple time entries to be associated with a single ticket reply.

All of these options are located at the bottom of the TICKETS->SETTINGS->TIME TRACKING tab.


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