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Managing Time: The Time Log

The time log is where the administrator can view all time entries.  An entry is usually created for every ticket reply (unless the amount of time recorded is set to zero).  Access the time log by simply clicking the TIME TRACKING menu option.

Note that this option is NOT under the TICKETS menu but located in a separate area of the WordPress menu bar.

The time log list looks like this:

Filtering the Time Log

Using the controls at the top of the list you can filter it by:

  • Status
  • State
  • Time Tracking Entry Dates
  • Agents
  • Clients
  • Ticket Number
  • Invoice Number

View The Details Of A Time Entry

Clicking on the title column on any row will take you to the detail of that time entry:

As long as the time entry has not been processed as part of an invoice the admin will be able to update/change it.


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