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Advanced Time Tracking Components

When the add-on is installed a number of components are added to the ticket. These are:

  • The Timer
  • Updated Time Tracking Metabox
  • Optional Time Tracking Ticket Reply Area

Additionally you have the option of adding the time column to the ticket list screen.

The Timer

The timer is located in a metabox on the right side of the screen.  It can be set to run in Automatic Mode or Manual Mode. You can configure this behavior in the TICKETS->SETTINGS->TIME TRACKING tab.

This metabox can be moved anywhere on the screen – some agents might prefer it at the top of the screen while some might prefer it at the bottom or close to the reply area of the ticket.

The value of the timer is always shown in the browser tab title as well – regardless of where the metabox is located on the screen.

Time Tracking Statistics Metabox

The time tracking statistics metabox is updated to show the time recorded for the entire ticket along with a button to show a report of the detailed time entries recorded on the ticket.  Additionally, the agent can set a billing rate for the ticket that overrides the rate for the client and agent.

Clicking the button reveals this screen

The Time Tracking Reply Area

When manual time tracking is enabled an agent can set the start and end time manually just before hitting the reply button.  The reply area of the ticket is expanded to accommodate these new fields:

Important note:  You should enter the total time in the TIMER metabox box before entering the start and end times shown in the image above.  The total time entered in the TIMER metabox is the tracked time used during invoicing.  The start and end times are only for notational purposes and does not automatically calculate the time spent on a reply/ticket.  Only the time automatically or manually entered in the TIMER metabox is the official amount of tracked time!

Adding the time columns to the ticket list

You can add the time columns to the main ticket list as follows:

  • Click on the Show Final Recorded Time in Ticket List option.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

There are two other time fields you can add to the ticket list but we do NOT recommend doing so unless absolutely necessary.  The final recorded time is the most important data element – adding the rest will result in the columns becoming too wide for a standard 1920×1080 screen which (means you will have to start to use the horizontal scroll bar to see all data in the list.)


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