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Invoicing: Generate Invoice File

Invoicing is a 2 step process in Awesome Support Advanced Time Tracking.

The first step is to generate the invoice file.  The second step is to approve the invoice file.

1. Generate The Invoice File

  • Go to TIME TRACKING->TIME TRACKING INVOICING.  If no invoice file is pending approval you will see a report parameter screen allowing you to select the tickets that will be invoiced.
    • Generally you want to just select a date range for your current billing period (monthly, weekly etc.)
  • Click the GENERATE CSV button.

Once the invoice file is generated a preview will be shown.  You can:

  • Choose to download the file: Click the Download Invoice File button
  • Choose to approve the file: Click the Approve button.
  • Choose to cancel the invoice run: Click the Cancel Invoice Run button.

Tip: Even though the invoice file is pending approval the invoice numbers are already stamped on the time log entries.  Those time log entries will have an invoice status of In Process.

2. Approve and Finalize the Invoice File

After reviewing the data in the invoice file you can finalize the invoices.  This will mark the time log entries as Approved.

Warning: Any time log entries that are approved can no longer be changed/edited





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