Awesome Support Documentation

Overview (Public Tickets)

Generally speaking Awesome Support tickets are private.  However, Public Tickets allow you to make all or a subset of your tickets public.  Tickets that are public can be searched and displayed using three different layouts (List, Grid and Accordion).

The add-on comes with a short-code facility that allow you to place your Public Tickets anywhere a short-code is allowed.

Parameters to the shortcode include products, tags, view types, and whether or not to show the search button.

Administrators can control who can set the public/private flag – customers or only agents.  The public/private flag can be set at both the ticket level and for each individual reply. Replies tagged as private will not be displayed on the standard Public Tickets page even if the rest of the ticket is flagged as Public.

Note: Old tickets are not automatically made public.  If you would like your old tickets to be public then you would need to set the PUBLIC flag for each of them.


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