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Gravity Forms Concepts


This add-on allows you to create custom ticket and reply forms in Gravity Forms while sending and receiving ticket data from Awesome Support.  It is an extremely powerful add-on that allows you to almost completely re-create the user-facing interface.

You can use Gravity forms to create the following three types of forms:

  • New Ticket Forms
  • Reply to Ticket Forms
  • Update Ticket State Forms (Open/Close tickets or change status)

Depending on the type of form you are creating, certain pieces of data (“fields”) are going to be mandatory and/or require validation.

Here are some ideas on forms you can create to interface with Awesome Support

  • Contact US Forms
  • Technical Support Forms
  • Open New Support Ticket
  • Close or Update A Ticket
  • Request for quote
  • Paid Support

Some custom functionality that you build using this add-on includes:

  • Support forms that allow you to be paid for support and automatically open a ticket when payment is complete
  • Creating a different ticket form for each department
  • Support forms that collect additional data for technical support
  • Forms that walk users through troubleshooting steps before creating a ticket
  • Forms that dynamically change the information requested depending on which department gets the ticket
  • Forms that dynamically routes the ticket to different agents based on your custom logic

Some Technical Details

This add-on hooks into many of the Gravity Forms actions and filters in order to automatically populate fields with data from Awesome Support.  For example, if you decide that you want to include a field on your form to allow the user to choose a status, the add-on can pre-populate that field for you with the list of allowed statuses from Awesome Support.

Supported Gravity Forms Field Types

In most cases only the following Gravity Forms fields are supported when data is being mapped directly to an Awesome Support field

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Drop-downs
  • Radio buttons

For data that is simply being collected by the form, you can use most field types (though once in a while one of them might throw an error, especially with some of the newer field types).

Mapping Fields

You will need to tell this add-on which Gravity Form(s) you would like to use to transfer data to Awesome Support.  You will also need to configure which fields in your Gravity Forms forms are linked to the appropriate fields in Awesome Support.  This entire process is called MAPPING and is critical to the proper functioning of this product.  Unlike other plugins, you can map multiple Gravity Forms into Awesome Support simultaneously.


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