Awesome Support Documentation

About Public Tickets

All tickets in the free Core Awesome Support plugin are private.  This means that the tickets cannot be displayed as a public archive that users can search for solutions to their issues.  The Public Tickets add-on allows for the display of tickets in a public archive.  It also allows that archive to be searched.


  • Tickets set to be public can be displayed in a GRID,  LIST or ACCORDION format.
  • Users and Agents can set tickets to be publicly visible.
  • Users and Agents can choose to set an individual reply to be private.
  • The administrator can control whether or not the end user can set a ticket or reply to public or private.
  • The administrator can control whether tickets default to being public or private.
  • Public tickets can be added to multiple WordPress pages using Shortcodes.
  • Public tickets can be filtered by a number of attributes.
  • Public tickets can be searched by the end user.




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