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Allow Users To Add Themselves To A Company

Sometimes, there are too many companies for an administrator to handle.  In this case, you might want the end user to be able to create a company profile and add themselves to it.  This is a special situation and, as such, requires that you add a special capability to your user role.

Using a user role security plugin such as USER ROLE EDITOR (which is free from

  • Add the ticket_company_profile_self_add  capability to your WordPress system.
  • Then assign it to your end user role(s).

Your end user role by default is SUPPORT USER but many operations might have the default support user role as SUBSCRIBER or something similar.

You can also grant this capability to certain users by creating two roles – one with the ticket_company_profile_self_add capability and the other without.  Just make sure you include the 5 standard roles for ticket users in both roles.

Note: A user will only ever be able to add a single company profile.  Once they’ve assigned themselves to the company they will not be able to create additional companies.


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