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Add A User To A Company Profile

To add a user to Company:

  • Click on the Company name to open up the edit screen
  • About half-way down the page click the ADD SUPPORT USER button – a lightbox will open similar to the one below

  • Click into the first field and type three characters in order to start a search for an existing user.  Once you see the user in the drop-down list, click on it.
  • Select the user type (this is a notational field only and is not used in any special way at this time)
  • Select one or more Divisions – if  no Division is shown in the list just go to COMPANY PROFILES->DIVISIONS and add at least one division there first.
  • Select a Reporting Group – if no group is shown in he list just go to COMPANY PROFILES->REPORTING GROUP and add at least one group there first.
  •  Select the permissions for the user.  PRIMARY indicates that this user will be the primary contact for the company.  CAN MANAGE PROFILE allows the user to add/remove/edit other users from the Company profile.
  • Click the ADD SUPPORT USER button to save the user.
  • You can now add another user or click the CLOSE button to exit the pop-up and go back to the main Company Profile screen.


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