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Email Alerts

You can set up email alerts for issues by going to the ISSUE TRACKING->SETTINGS->EMAIL ALERTS tab.

In there you will see 8 different alerts. Each alert will give you an idea as to who will receive it.

Alerts where both the subject and the content fields are blank will not be sent out.

Email Tags

You can use EMAIL TAGS inside your alerts.  Here are the tags that are available to you:

  • {issue_id}
  • {issue_agent_name}
  • {issue_agent_email}
  • {issue_title}
  • {issue_message}
  • {issue_comment}
  • {full_issue}
  • {issue_status}
  • {issue_priority}
  • {issue_admin_link}
  • {issue_admin_url}
  • {comment}
  • {comment_status}
  • {comment_type}
  • {site_name}
  • {admin_email}



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