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Adding Comments To An Issue

You can add three types of comments to an issue depending on who you would like to notify about the comment.

  • A private comment will be emailed to the primary agent on the issue and to primary agents on the associated tickets.
  • A semi-private comment will be emailed to the primary agent on the issue as well as any additional agents who were added to the issue.  Primary, secondary and tertiary agents on tickets will be notified as well.
  • A regular comment will be emailed to everyone associated with the issue and the tickets related to the issue.  This includes all agents and all interested parties.

In all cases you can control whether the alerts even go out – if you don’t set them up then no emails are sent.

Adding A Comment

To add a comment to an issue you can simple scroll down to the comment area, type in the comment and click the COMMENT button.  You can select the type of comment and its status at the top of the comment editor.

Distinguishing Between Comment Types

When viewing the comment history you can see the type of comment that was added.

  • Private comments will show a red LOCK icon
  • Semi-Private comments will show an orange LOCK icon
  • Standard comments will have no icon


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