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Remote tickets allow you to add a BUTTON to accept support tickets from any site.  It effectively allows you to maintain a central site of support tickets while allowing you to collect tickets from any other site you manage or control. You can also use it to add a button to your own site (or the master site) as well.

When a button is added to a site, it generally appears as shown in the following image:


The default text of the button is HELP in white on a blue background.

Important Terminology

  • Master Site / Main Site:  This refers to your primary site that will handle your support tickets
  • Child Site / Remote Site:  this refers to any site that will collect information about tickets and submit that information back to the master site.

How it Works

Remote tickets work by installing some Javascript on your remote sites.  This Javascript snippet is generated by your main support site and is then copied to the remote site.

Use Cases

Here are some scenarios where collecting tickets from remote sites into a central repository might make sense:

  • You manage multiple sites and simply want to handle all tickets from your main site
  • You run a MULTISITE installation of WordPress but don’t want to install a full ticketing solution on every site
  • You just want a HELP Button on most of your pages on your main site

Complementary Add-ons

Probably the most important related add-on you can have installed on your main site is EMAIL SUPPORT.   Without this your users will need to navigate to the main site to submit replies to tickets.  With the Email Support add-on they can respond to tickets directly using e-mail.

If you need to poll users about their support experience you’ll want to have the Satisfaction Survey add-on as well.


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