Satisfaction Survey

7 months ago

This extension allows you to automatically send out a survey to rate your agent’s performance on a ticket.  At its core, the add-on does something relatively straight-forward: When a ticket is closed, an email with a simple one-question survey request is sent out to the customer.

Features include:

  • Administrator-defined Rating Scale,
  • Administrator-defined delay before survey is sent out,
  • Customized list of reasons if user provides low rating,
  • Full control over the contents of the survey-email request,
  • Simple path for user to complete survey,
  • Extensive array of other configuration options

This add-on fills in a critical gap that closes the circle in the customer service process – getting feedback on the performance of agents. If you don’t know how well your customer support process is working, you probably don’t know how many customers you are losing or gaining because of that critical business function. Use this add-on to fill in the visibility gap!

You Have Full Control Over The Survey Email Contents



A Simple Survey Screen Makes It Easy For The User To Respond



View Survey Results Right On The Ticket



Set, Control and Cancel the Countdown Before The Survey Is Sent



Extensive Options Give You Full Control