Awesome Support Documentation

Introduction to Paid Support

Paid Support for WooCommerce is an add-on to Awesome Support that allows you to be paid for your support tickets.  You can set up a variety of payment structures including the following:

  • Subscription for unlimited support tickets per month
  • Subscription for X tickets per month
  • Subscription for unlimited support hours per month
  • Subscription for X support hours per month
  • Pay per ticket / incident

While the examples used above used a period of “per month” it can be any of the following periods:

  • Daily
  • Weekly,
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Once the Paid Support add-on is installed all support tickets will require a form a payment.  If a customer attempts to open a ticket without a valid subscription or payment they will be redirected to a URL that you specify in order to complete their purchase.


The add-on requires that the following WooCommerce modules be installed and activated:

Once you have purchased and installed the WooCommerce plugins then you can install the Paid Support for WooCommerce add-on.



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