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Admin: Configuration (Paid Support)

There are a number of options that govern how Paid Support functions.  You can find these in TICKETS->SETTINGS->PAID SUPPORT.

Redirect Url:  When a user purchases a single item in a cart they will be redirected to the URL specified on the product after completing the checkout process.  BUT, if they add multiple items in the cart then they will be redirected to the URL specified here.

Minimum Time Credit:  The minimum time that will be assigned to a single ticket – even if less time was recorded on the ticket.

Discredit on Trash:  When a ticket is deleted, the used-ticket count for the users subscription should be reduced since the ticket is no longer a valid ticket.

Shop URL:  This is the url to the SHOP page in WooCommerce.  If the user attempts to open a ticket without a valid subscription they will be redirected here.



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