New Extension: Guest Tickets

November 1, 2016 | New Product Announcements

We have had many requests to allow “guests” to create support tickets. Today we are happy to announce a new add-on for Awesome Support that provides this functionality.

This new add-on is called GUEST TICKETS. It permits users who are not registered on your support site to create a new ticket without having to create an account in a separate step.

The guest option is seamlessly integrated into the regular login page – take a look:


You can just activate this add-on and go.  But, if you really want to personalize the guest experience you can create a guest specific “Thank You” page.  This allows you to direct users to FAQs and other help resources or even to place up-sell notices to persuade the customer to make a purchase.


You can read more in the documentation or purchase it here.  At a cost of only $29.00 for a single-site license, its not going to break the bank and will provide your first-time support users with a more seamless support experience.