December 18, 2014

You happen to really like Awesome Support and you would like to make it even better? Here are a few things you can do to show your love...

Translate the plugin in your language

If you’re a non developer, perhaps the easiest thing to help with is translations. We are hoping that Awesome Support will be translated in several languages. Head over to the project on POEditor to start translating the plugin in your own language.

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Create a pull request in GitHub Developer

If you’re a developer and you like to get your hands dirty, then head to our Github repo and feel free to fork, make fixes or improvements and create pull requests. If you’re not a WordPress or PHP developer you can still help. If you think you found a bug and you have ideas for improvements, please create Github issues.

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Spread the word

Promoting Awesome Support to your friends, family or work mates is another great way to help. It’s hard for two of us to get the word out there as we’re busy developing and improving the plugin.

Rate the plugin

If you like the plugin, make sure to rate it on the WordPres extend. This is perhaps one of the best way to share the love for our plugin :)

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