Priority Support Request

1 year ago

Purchase this item if you need technical support but do not have a license for an existing add-on.  It will allow you to open a single support ticket for a single issue.

This item will allow you obtain technical support for the free core AWESOME SUPPORT plugin plus any add-on or extension in our suite – even if you do not have a current license.  But it will NOT entitle you to any upgrades you might need from our paid add-on suite.  If it turns out that you need an upgrade to your add-on in order to fix an issue, you must renew your license.  If an upgrade is needed to fix your issue we will refund 50% of the cost of this priority support item after you renew your license.

Your initial request will be responded to within 24 business hours. After that, each response to your replies will be within 24 hours unless we inform you otherwise (such as when we’re doing research or waiting for our developers to get back to us).

When you purchase this item you will receive an email confirmation with a “license key”. You will need this key along with the order number in order to open your ticket.  The “key” expires 7 days after your purchase.