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Our GOAL is to help you create the most cost-efficient support operation possible.  We do this through a mix of free and premium tools coupled with available consulting and customization services. 

  • Get started for free by downloading our free plugin from  Check out our quick-start videos. Create a new support desk in five minutes!
  • As your business grows you can increase your efficiency with our individual add-ons and bundles.  Create and respond to tickets by email, install an FAQ page, use pre-written responses to quickly respond to common questions and more.
  • Want to get started really really fast?  Use our consulting services!

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The only thing we do is provide software and support for WordPress based help desk operations. We do not sell other plugins such as those for CRM, ERP, Visual Design, Utilities etc. – we leave those to other businesses who are experts in those areas. But, if it involves honing and fine-tuning your support operation, you can expect to find us there.

  • Need basic help desk functions?  We definitely do that.
  • Advanced help desk functions?  Definitely!  
  • Need to charge for support tickets?  We have the most advanced plugin on the planet for that.
  • Need to track and charge for your time?  We do that too.
  • Need to integrate Artificial Intelligence in your support operations?  We got you covered.

If it involves making you and your agents more efficient or ensuring your customers have a delightful support experience we’re going to be right there with you.  We have over 7000 active installations of Awesome Support – growing at a rate of more than 1000 every year!





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Our Story

A few years ago we set out to build the best WordPress HelpDesk plugin – at a time when there were few options for WordPress help desks.  Our initial sales were on Envato (CodeCanyon) but as of Version 3.0 the product was rebuilt from the ground up and placed on under the freemium model. 

Since then, we have created over 20 add-ons including a number of free ones.  Each of our add-on products are functionally DEEP, designed to provide the best functionality possible at a fair price.

In 2017 we more than doubled the number of products offered and did substantial upgrades to the free core plugin.  We have grand plans for 2018 as well – we hope you come along with us.

Over 25 developers have made contributions to the core plugin and many volunteers have provided translations into more than two dozen languages!

Developers working on the premium add-ons are located in Asia and the United States with the primary business and development offices located in Chicago.  Within the US our developers are primarily scattered across the mid-west.  There are some stragglers in other parts of the country though – we guess they prefer sunshine to the freezing temps of the midwest…

Have questions?  Feel free to contact us!  But, please understand that we have to eat too so we can’t provide free support without a paid-up license – we wouldn’t last long as a business doing personalized support for thousands of customers for free!

Thank you for your interest in Awesome Support – all of us really appreciate it!

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