Awesome Support Help Desk Plugin For WordPress

The most powerful  and flexible help-desk and support plugin for WordPress. 

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Time Tracking For Help Desks

A powerful time-track solution designed for support agents and help desk operations

Documentation For Help Desks

Create beautiful documentation for your end users

Paid Support For WordPress Help Desks And WooCommerce

Collect payments for your ticket and support services all tightly integrated with the best support plugin for WordPress

Awesome Support - A Premium Help Desk Plugin For WordPress

Awesome Support is a free help-desk and support plugin for WordPress.  By using a combination of 28+ premium addons its functionalty can be expanded to support even the largest organizations. Purchase a premium bundle now or get started for free (free download).

Time Tracking for Helpdesks and Support Operations

Awesome Support Time Tracking is a premium plugin that is used to track time spent by support agents on tickets.  Unlike other general-purpose time-tracking systems, this understands helpdesks!  It even creates invoice files based on your billing rates for your agents, customers or set on an individual ticket.

Paid Support: Collect Payments For Your Support Services

Do you offer support services where you collect one-off or recurring payments?  If so, then this product is for you.  Integrated tightly into your help-desk, it ensures that payment is collected and tracked on every ticket.

Coming Soon: Helpdesk Integration for Developers

How would you like to embed a full-featured ticketing solution into every web-app you sell?  Instead of users trying to  navigate your site in order to submit tickets, now you can embed the entire ticketing process directly into your plugin or other webapp. Your users will be able to submit, manage and handle all their support tickets without ever leaving your application!