Awesome Quality You Know You Can Trust


Yes, we do custom extension development

In fact, we handle any kind of WordPress development.  But, obviously, we specialize in creating unique extensions for Awesome Support.

We can create customized extensions:

  • To integrate with your corporate systems
  • To support your unique workflow
  • To automate items such as assignment to particular agents based on products, departments, time-of-day, day-of-the-week, age of tickets, type of client etc.
  • To create deep integration with other WordPress plugins
  • To implement just about anything you can dream up

Why You Should Trust Us With Your Custom Work

  • Quality – just take a look at the quality of our code by reviewing it in GitHub.  We take code quality seriously.  You will not be stuck with code that is hard to maintain.  Our projects follow multiple coding standards and best practices starting with those imposed by the WordPress team
  • Speed – we know Awesome Support inside-out.  Very few firms can create quality extensions as fast as we can
  • Business Savvy – We understand how business works and, especially, how the customer support business works.  We know the drivers behind customer support operations and can bring our insights to bear on your projects
  • Trust – hundreds of companies trust our work by using our plugins and extensions every day to support their mission-critical business needs

Contact us today to get started with an Awesome Custom Plugin or Theme!