Power-pack (Productivity)

Add more than 50 new functions to your free Awesome Support plugin.

Get 50+ additional powerful features for your Awesome Support help-desk WordPress plugin! With these features you can:

  • Help your agents track and close tickets even faster
  • Increase your agent’s productivity
  • Reduce your average cost per ticket closed
  • Easily keep track of additional key information about customers and tickets
  • Choose from dozens of additional customization options to fine-tune your help-desk operation

The easier you make it for agents to handle tickets the more profits will flow to your bottom line!

Here are some of the key functions included in this add-on that will drive your agent’s productivity up:

  • Additional Emails and Contacts: Each ticket, user and agent can now have unlimited associated email addresses that can be included in notification emails.
  • Agent Security Profiles: Set up restrictions that govern which tickets an agent can access
  • Ticket Lock: Prevents users from re-opening a ticket that has been marked as locked.
  • Automatic Ticket Lock: Automatically lock tickets when they are closed to prevent clients from opening old tickets.
  • Ticket Merge: Merge the current ticket or multiple tickets into an existing ticket
  • Ticket Split: Quickly create a new ticket from an existing reply.  This helps when a client tries to address multiple issues in a single ticket
  • Support Notes: Create support notes attached to each customer profile
  • Personal notes and personal todos for each agent
  • Personal favorite ticket lists so each agent can keep informative tickets close at hand
  • Personal signatures for agents that are automatically added to the bottom of each reply
  • New Navigation Options: Add NEXT and PREVIOUS links to the ticket metaboxes
  • Attachments:  Insert attachments in notifications and alerts with a new email {attachments} template tag.
  • Template tags: Includes new template tags for custom fields – you can now include custom field data in the body of your email notifications!
  • Click-to-close tags: Insert these new template tags directly into your outgoing emails to let your customers close tickets with just one click – no login step necessary

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words So Check Out These Screen Shots

Ticket Lock

Ticket Merge

Ticket Splitting

New Navigation Options

Email Template Tags For Custom Fields


Security Profiles

WP Support Plus VS Awesome Support - Awesome Support Security Profiles

Additional Functions

This Productivity Super-pack includes a lot more!

  • Support notes for clients
  • Personal todo lists for agents
  • Personal notes for agents
  • Agents can create a favorite list of tickets to keep important tickets close at hand
  • View tickets in user’s profile screen
  • Add a customer directly from the new ticket screen on the back end.  This will help with manual tickets that you create when you receive a phone call or messages outside the ticket system
  • Change labels for certain fields
  • Set content before the SUBJECT field and the SUBMIT button on the front end ticket form
  • Options to make PRODUCT and DEPARTMENT mandatory
  • Set the maximum number of tickets that can be opened simultaneously by a customer
  • Lock down or expand the tickets an agent can view by using SECURITY PROFILES
  • Agent signatures
  • Assign CAPABILITIES to roles without using a 3rd party tool
  • Allow designated agents to use an advanced editor
  • Click-to-view email template tags
  • Full-Ticket email template tag
  • Integration of Google Invisible Captcha on the ticket registration screen
  • Bulk edit for certain ticket fields
  • Dedicated fields for custom CSS with examples
  • Save Ticket Filters (custom views) on the ticket list screen

Find out more about all these functions by reading the documentation.

Purchase options

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Basic System Requirements

  • WordPress Version 4.9 or later
  • Awesome Support Version 5.8.0 or later
  • PHP 7.1 (7.3 or later recommended)

Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements for this item.


Purchase options

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Recurring Subscription Notification

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To cancel your subscription:

  • Credit card or stripe users- just go to your MY ACCOUNT page on our website.
  • Paypal users - cancel from directly inside your Paypal account.

This notice does not apply to service products such as custom programming or to free plugins.


Version 4.8.3

  • Fix: Minor optimization.


  • Fix: Global filters created with Powerpack productivity can now be deleted.
  • Fix: There was a critical error on this website when submitting a Support Ticket.
  • Fix: Deprecated of 'merge_attachments' function

Version 4.8.0

  • New: You can now limit max number of open tickets per custom role and per users. You can change this by going to tickets - settings - PF Options
  • New: You can limit the max number of open tickets per user by going to the user profile. Users restriction relevance is higher than custom role restriction

Version 4.6.0

  • New: You can now restrict the maximum number of open tickets on a user-by-user basis. If a value is entered in the user profile, it overrides the default value on the TICKETS->SETTINGS tabs.
  • New: Security Integration With Advanced Reports and Statistics.
  • New: Users Can Now Enter Additional Email Addresses On The Front-End.
  • New: New Label Options Awesome Support 6.0 introduces a new field called TICKET TYPES. You can now set the label for this field.
  • Tweak: The add-on now requires Awesome Support 6.0
  • Tweak: Moved some options around the SETTINGS screen to more logical areas
  • Fix: Do not show the BULK CLOSE option if the agent does not have the ability to close tickets.
  • Fix: It was not possible to print a ticket using the Bulk actions and printing one ticket.

Version 4.5.0

  • New: Requires Awesome Support 5.8.0 or later
  • Tweak: For icon changes related to AS 5.8.0

Version 4.4.0

  • New: Added option to show the FILTER dropdown outside the tabs in the ticket list screen.
  • New: Added option under EDITOR settings tab to control how line breaks are used in the editor.
  • New: Added options next to each email and user on a ticket to indicate what kinds of email alerts they should receive - Agent alerts or user alerts.
  • Fix: (Security) - an agent could bypass the agent ticket filter if they used a direct ticket link.
  • Fix: If a reply only contains the default signature then do not add the reply to the ticket.
  • Tweak: Labels in user profile changed to explicitly reflect that the fields added are from Awesome Support
  • Tweak: Corrected the description shown in certain settings to display the correct internal role name used in the example
  • Tweak: Updated icons to match the Awesome Support core 5.7.0 styles.

Version 4.3.0

  • New: Use the new TICKET DETAILS toolbar to show the options for FAVORITES, HOTLIST and other items
  • New: COPY TO NEW TICKET is now an icon to match the upcoming AS 4.4 / 5.0 Awesome Support Core.
  • New: Option to create global filters
  • New: Option to control whether or not the list of tickets in the user profile widget is shown in wp-admin
  • New: Add option to control whether or not an agent can see the ADD USER link.
  • New: If the ADD USER link is shown, certain roles can still be excluded.
  • New: Added security options to control if the RECENTLY CLOSED ticket tab can be viewed.
  • New: Added security options to control if the MERGE/BULK MERGE options and tabs can be viewed.
  • New: Added security options to control if the TICKET SPLIT icons can be viewed.
  • Tweak: Moved the MERGE & LOCK metabox into a tab on the main ticket screen in admin
  • Tweak: Moved the SIGNATURES tab to the new reply area tabs
  • Fix: Hotlist and Favorite tickets tab now render better on small screens.
  • Fix: Issue with nonces for hotlist and favorite tickets
  • Fix: Ticket filters now includes the ACTIVITY option.

Version 4.2.1

  • Fix: Invisible re-captcha was being activated when it shouldn't be!

Version 4.2.0

  • New: Added option to hide product field on the front end while still keeping it active
  • New: Added option to hide department feld on the front end while still keeping it active
  • New: Added option to remove product field from backend ticket list while still keeping it active
  • New: Added option to remove department field from backend ticket list while still keeping it active
  • New: Added option to enable/disable Google Recaptcha. This way the keys can remain stored while still being able to enable/disable the captcha
  • Tweak: Replaced get_the_author_meta function calls with get_user_option for better multi-site compatibility

Version 4.1.0

  • New: Experimental support for controlling the buttons that go on the tiny-mce editors
  • Fix: Settings and values that should be unique to each user on each site were global to all sites for the same user when running on multi-site (replaced update_user_meta function calls with update_user_option function calls)

Version 4.0.6

  • Fix: Tweak workaround for a known issue with filtering the INPUT_SERVER variable

Version 4.0.5

  • Fix: Click to view tags were accidentally removed from the prior minor releases.

Version 4.0.4

  • SECURITY FIX: Added nonces and stronger validation checks to all ajax call-back functions.

Version 4.0.3

  • Fix: When using the click-to-view link ensure that the REPLY area does not show.

Version 4.0.2

  • Fix: Email replies would not show when using the click_to_view link.

Version 4.0.1

  • Fix: Hash used for click-to-close endpoint was not generated if ticket was opened in wp-admin.
  • Fix: Hash used for click-to-view endpoint was not generated if ticket was opened in wp-admin.

Version 4.0.0

  • New: Requires version 4.1.0 of Awesome Support Core.
  • New: Google invisible captcha can now be activated on the registration screen
  • New: Allow custom CSS to be entered for certain pages; also includes examples.
  • New: Bulk Edit - quickly change agent, priority, status, channel on multiple tickets (available on WP 4.7 and later)
  • New: Save filter criteria in the ticket list
  • New: Email template tag for {fullticket} - inserts the entire history of the ticket in the outgoing email
  • Tweak: Merge tickets will now merge attachments from source tickets as well.
  • Tweak: Better styling for merged messages.
  • Tweak: Merge tickets will now search on ticket # as well as description when trying to identify the target of the merge
  • Tweak: If Running in SAAS mode the CAPABILITIES tab under TOOLS will not be shown
  • Tweak: Added options to turn off merge email alerts
  • Fix: Security Profiles did not respect the OR option under certain circumstances

Version 3.0.0

  • New: Agent Signatures
  • New: Options to set defaults for SUBJECT and DESCRIPTION field on ticket form
  • New: Email template tags for click-to-close (Warning: security and performance issues when turned on!)
  • New: Email template tags for click-to-view (Warning: security and performance issues when turned on!)
  • New: Option to allow certain users to use a full editor when in admin. Set this by using the 'edit_ticket_with_full_editor' capability
  • New: Allow the ATTACHMENTS label on the front-end ticket form to be changed
  • New: Merge multiple tickets into one ticket (requires WP version 4.7 or higher)
  • New: Add multiple email addresses to user and agent profiles and optionally allow them to receive notifications
  • New: Add multiple email addresses to a ticket and optionally allow them to receive notifications
  • New: Add multiple WordPress users to a ticket and optionally allow them to receive notifications
  • New: Add new email notification template for tickets being closed because they are being merged. This overrides other standard email notifications (ticket closed, ticket updated etc.) during the merge process.
  • New: Add new email notification template for the ticket that is being merged into. This overrides other standard email notifications (new ticket, new reply etc.) during the merge process.
  • Enh: Allow edits before saving split ticket
  • Enh: Splitting a single ticket or reply can now be done multiple times
  • Enh: Tabs are now responsive

Version 2.0.0

  • New: SECURITY PROFILES for agents - extremely flexible way to control exactly what an agent can see.
  • New: Tabs to help control display of todo lists/notes introduced in 1.1.0.
  • New: Ticket Split

Version 1.1.0

  •  New: Agent can add new user from link on ticket page
  •  New: Show tickets in the user profile page
  •  New: Labels for key core fields can now be changed without resorting to translations
  •  New: Agents can create support notes tied to the customer
  •  New: Agents can create personal notes tied to just their profile
  •  New: Agents can create personal todo lists
  •  New: Agents can elect to automatically lock a ticket when its closed
  •  New: Added options in the TOOLS->CLEANUP menu to LOCK or UNLOCK all closed tickets
  •  New: Option to set CONTENT before the SUBMIT button on a new ticket.
  •  New: OPTION to set content before the SUBJECT line on a new ticket.
  •  New: OPTION to make PRODUCT mandatory
  •  New: OPTION to make Department mandatory
  •  New: OPTION to set the maximum number of tickets a user can have open at any time
  •  New: OPTION to set a limit on the maximum number of open and closed tickets in the user profile widget on the ticket back-end screen.

Version 1.0.0

  • New: Initial customer release (limited release)